Alexey Molchanov

Yes, it is me.

You ask me how did I get into this situation?

Look through the site and you can get it!

But besides everything, here you can find my most resent work I've done. I really hope you can find something for you or for your family.

Somehow Amazon have no coupons to distribute and I can't sell the books on this site because of Agreement with Amazon and publishing methods. Until I figure out how to thank my readers, I am afraid I have nothing to offer except for some information about my books.

But you can send me a couple of words, if you want to receive news about new books. Please, write to

New release!

Who are they?

These characters I use a lot in my books. They add a bit of fun even where they are not the main characters.

Pi the penguin

A character inspired by my son's favorite toy. Can be smart (like in puzzles' book), can be silly (like in Tale about him building a school).

Susha nigirievna

A large (well, the same size as Pi), sapient sushi. She is a friend of Pi. Kind, naive. Loves wasabi and soy souce.

P.S. For those from whom the joke eluded - suffix '-evna' means the 'daughter of' or 'from the family of'. And nigiri is the kind of sushi.