Alexey Molchanov

Yes, it is me. 

You ask me how did I get into this situation?  

Look through the site and you can get it! 

But besides everything, here you can find my most resent work I've done. I really hope you can find something for you or for your family.

Somehow Amazon have no coupons to distribute and I can't sell the books on this site because of Agreement with Amazon and publishing methods. Until I figure out how to thank my readers, I am afraid I have nothing to offer except for some information about my books. 

But you can send me a couple of words, if you want to receive news about new books. Please, write to or you can follow me on Facebook, so you won't miss a promotion or release:

Penguin Pi is now on YouTube and Telegramm! 

Check the Pi's animations. If you want to find out how i created them, feel free to subscribe to my telegramm channel! Fun is as certain as a penguin!


Second book about situation in Russia is counting 173 pages (61,400 words). I plan to call it "The war of fool". As I told before, if the previous one was dedicated to the inner Putin's politics, this time it is about the war with Ukraine. As before, it is centred around legal issues, starting from legality of annexation of Crimea and other territories to atrocities of war.

This is really heavy stuff, and it tears me apart when I am writing it, but it could be an eye-opener for some people. Like in the previous book, there will be huge tons of links to support each of my claims. Sarcasm and battery included.

So, keep in touch! There will be definitely a promotion when it is published.

I will also keep you in touch on the progress. 

New release!

New Puzzle book is live on Amazon!

And a reminder on serious stuff! If you haven't read it, I strongly recommend!

Who are they?

These characters I use a lot in my books. They add a bit of fun even where they are not the main characters. 

Pi the penguin

A character inspired by my son's favorite toy. Can be smart (like in puzzles' book), can be silly (like in Tale about him building a school).

Susha Nigirievna

A large (well, the same size as Pi), sapient sushi. She is a friend of Pi. Kind, naive. Loves wasabi and soy souce. 

P.S. For those from whom the joke eluded - suffix '-evna' means the 'daughter of' or 'from the family of'. And nigiri is the kind of sushi.