Books For Learning Russian

I am Russian native speaker. So, I can teach you some Russian. 

How does it work?

A bit of theory. Our brain utilizes four types of memories:

Imagine you walk along the street and see a sign on the wall. As soon as you read it, it will be kept in your momentary memory - you can easily recall it within the next five seconds. If the information is useless, uninteresting, and has no association - you will not remember what it was after that.

But if some memory kicked in, or the information was curious or funny, it goes to the next level - short-term memory. 

Suppose this information was never used again (for example, you haven't told your friend about it). In that case, it will be erased the next time you sleep (yes, our brain, during our sleep, sorts out the information received for the day, memorizing the thing we might need and erasing what we will not).

So, mid-term memory stores from a week to a month, and the long term - up to one's life. 

All in all, our brain stores the information we use the most. Thus, constant repetition allows moving data from the momentary to the long term. And if we don't use it - it goes backward. And that is the idea of my 'Learn Russian with Penguin Pi' book series! You learn one word every day and repeat the words you've already learned! And that's it! In the end, you have words in your long-term memory! I added pictures for the additional associations to kick in.

The fourth book in series. With the Pi and Susha's help you can learn 40 Russian Prepositions.

It is quite a difficult topic, as they have not only several meanings, but case specific as well. As it is the forth book, you probably know how they work, so I hope you will like it!

Please, note that as you need to fill the book in, there is only paperback version.  

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Here is the first of my Book. With the Pi's help you can learn 30 most common Russian Verbs.

I made a paperback notepad that helps you to memorize the most common Russian verbs. Pi's pictures is used to better memorizing.

Not the best of my art. But any way, the pictures shows all they need to show. 

Please, note that as you need to fill the book in, there is only paperback version.  

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More Russian verbs!

This time it is 32 Russian verbs of love and friendship.  

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This time the book with Adjectives! Pi can help you to learn 56 Russian Adjectives!

Disclaimer: No penguins were humiliated or harmed in the process of writting the book.

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Have you ever tried to read Russian cursive? There are a lot of jokes in the Internet about it and not without the reason. 

This copybook can help you to master Russian cursive. And even to learn some Russian expressions two! 

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Have you ever heard Russians have two languages? One is common Russian and another is Russian swear language - mat. Everyone in Russia can speak both of them, but the second one is very rude (though spicy).

If you want to learn Russian mat, it is the book for you!

You can say were the Russian military ship can go in the language it can understand! Isn't it great?

Мат can change the emotions. Just compare:

Witcher 3: stone hearts (rus)

This is Russian version of the game. (The best compare time: 1:09)

Witcher 3: stone hearts (En)

And this is English version of the game. (The best compare time: 2:46)

So, if you want to make your Russian speech extremely rude and/or emotional, this book is right for you!

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