New puzzle book is at work. Writting, drawing and creating! Stay tuned!


But the third book is slowly getting its shape. Behold! Mezoamerican Penguin! 

My main idea for the third logic book is a treasure hunt with lots of funny graphics and maps! I am really excited to make it, but I don't want it to fail. So, I want to keep work steady. 

Some moody pictures regarding the travel of our firends to Japan. I made some sketches. There will be 3 main places and Japan is only one of them. For better mood I am going to mimic the Japanese style in my puzzles and pictures. I have gathered 87 puzzles for them! Almost done and ready to start drawing!

Some other books to come:

Second book about situation in Russia counting 173 pages (61,400 words). I plan it to call "The war of fool". As I told before, if the previous one was dedicated to the inner Putin's politics, this time it is about the war with Ukraine. As before, it is centred around legal issues, starting from legality of annexation of Crimea and other territories to atrocities of war.

This is really heavy stuff, and it tears me apart when I am writing it, but it could be an eye-opener for some people. Like in the previous book, there will be huge tons of links to support each of my claims. Sarcasm and battery included.

So, keep in touch! There will be definitely a promotion when it is published.

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Thank you!