About me

I am a man who holds a few hats. I am a former lawyer, traveler, and author with a never say, never attitude. Born in 1982 in Moscow, Russia, I had a promising start in my career as a law student, earning several awards and scholarships, including President's scholarship and the Moscow government scholarship. I graduated with honors and went on to earn a PhD in law. I started practicing law but soon realized that the legal system in Russia was constantly changing and unstable, making it difficult to build a successful career.

The unpredictability of the legal landscape forced my hand into quitting a professional I loved dearly. I left Russia in 2018 and have been a nomad ever since, traveling and experiencing different cultures around the world. Despite my legal career being cut short, I found solace in writing books, many of which can be found on my website, including children's books, puzzle books, and even an analysis of my decision to leave Russia. 

My most recent work is an in-depth analysis of my decision to leave Russia in 2012. Practicing law in Russia had become more like crossing a bridge during an earthquake, with laws changing all the time due to political influence. I saved enough money and called it quits on my legal career. Writing became a way to understand my past and make sense of my experiences. My analysis of why I felt the urge to leave Russia turned out to be a fascinating and exciting work. I believe my book provides great insight into the realities of Russia, and I hope it will help others understand the dire situation and make a difference.

Aside from writing, I am passionate about history, travel, and castles. I used to run a YouTube channel about knights and castles, but had to stop due to time constraints. Even though my career as a lawyer only lasted for 15 years, and currently been a publisher for a year, I have gained invaluable experiences that have shaped who I am today.

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